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The 5 Most Popular Bunion Surgery Myths

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The 5 Most Popular Bunion Surgery Myths


Bunion Myth 1:  "Bunion surgery is very painful."

Years ago bunion surgery was indeed very painful – you may have heard about your mother's experience. But today, surgical techniques have advanced considerably and many patients only need to use over the counter pain relievers to manage their pain.

Bunion Myth 2: "If I have bunion surgery, I'll be out of work for at least 2 weeks".

Years ago, having bunion surgery meant a considerable amount of time recovering and difficulty getting from one room to the next, much less to work. But some bunion surgery techniques are now so advanced and minimally invasive that in some cases, your foot can bear weight in as little as 3 days.

bunion surgery myths

Bunion Myth 3: "I'll have to wear a cast after bunion surgery and get around on crutches".

These days, it's extremely unusual that bunion surgery requires a full blown cast. 95% of our bunion patients need no more protection after surgery than a surgical boot (just like pro athletes wear). If your surgery requires a bone cut, you'll typically only need to use crutches for the first week.

Bunion Myth 4: "My bunion scar will be hideous!"

A modern bunion scar is 1-3 inches long, depending on the type of bunion surgery your foot requires. The scar is barely visible after 6 months if you follow your post-op directions.

Bunion Myth 5: "Don't fix a bunion unless it's very painful".

Once you can see a bunion, the metatarsal bone – the long bone in your foot that connects to your toe - is already out of alignment. It will not get better or reverse course. You can do exercises and change footwear to reduce the pain, but once the metatarsal bone has moved, pain and soreness will increase depending on your level of activity.

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Watch this video of our patient Lucia K.'s journey from her pre-op appointment through recovery (look for the YouTube clip of her dancing with a flash mob less than 2 weeks after surgery!) Note that Lucia also had a hammer toe repaired when she had her bunion surgery.

There is no footage of bunion surgery, so it's safe for those who are squeamish!

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***Everyone's experience with surgery is different. The level of pain and recovery time depends on the type of bunion surgery your podiatrist recommends.