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Welcome to the “Pawdiatrist” Corner!

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Foot and ankle concerns can affect people of all ages, not just adults. Children are just as likely to develop foot and ankle problems as their parents, and any complaints should not be ignored due to a child’s developing feet. Parents should watch for signs of foot pain and educate their children about sharing any problems they may experience with their feet or ankles. Children with strong and healthy feet avoid problems in these areas later in life.
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Does your child have questions about podiatry?

PA Foot & Ankle Associates’ Pawdiatrist is here to answer some questions!

What is a “Pawdiatrist”?

A podiatrist is a foot doctor who specializes in taking care of your feet, ankles, and lower extremities (or the lower parts of your body).

What kinds of problems does a “Pawdiatrist” treat?

A podiatrist can help take away any foot, ankle, or lower leg pain you might feel. He or she can also help you if you have trouble walking, running, or playing on your feet. Some podiatry conditions can include heel pain, flat feet, and foot and ankle injuries.

When should I see a “Pawdiatrist”?

You should ask your parent to take you to a podiatrist if you feel any foot or ankle pain, if it hurts to walk, if you fall often or if you have a hard time walking, running, or playing on your feet. If you notice anything wrong with your feet, you can see a podiatrist. A podiatrist can help your feet and ankles feel better!