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“I came to Dr. Teichman because of heel pain. Just 3 weeks later, I am almost pain free!”

Chuck Domino, President, Lehigh Valley IronPigs


“Gabriella was two years old, and we brought her into the office with a large toe that had a very large cut from a heavy metal table falling on her. She was bleeding and they wanted to get the bleeding under control along with emergency stitches to protect her from losing her toe. Thanks to all, they saved her toe with minimal scarring. The nail looks beautiful and she is a happy and healthy 5-year old. Thank-you to the Doctors and staff for their hard work.”

- Nicole Antones


“After 2 years of suffering with tendinitis, came to PA Foot and received 7X physical therapy. I am pain-free today and so happy after seeing 2 other doctors with no result.”

- Mary Levkulic


“I had real bad arch pain caused by dancing. Dr. Teichman gave me braces and sent me to PT [physical therapy]. He did a really great job!!! I am still dancing and without pain.”

- Alison Pangrass


“When I first came to the office I had a lot of pain & tingling, and that has improved. I am satisfied with the MicroVas treatments.”

- Ernest Angstadt – Slatington


Dr. Teichman is unbelievable. He is amazing. I thought I would have a lot of pain after surgery. Scale of 1-10, pain was 1.5. The staff has been wonderful and courteous. Shoutout to Holly also. I am so thankful for Holly. I’ve been working with her with all my paperwork and she has been great. I’m doing better quicker than I thought. I’m planning on doing my other foot right away.”

- Cathy Mcgehee


“After receiving shock wave treatment, pain was relieved.  I was very active physically, and due to pain, I was not able to continue my physical activities or wear certain shoes until I received the treatment.  More practices should use the treatment instead of pushing surgery first.”

- Ann Arey


“After visiting PA Foot and Ankle Associates, I was very impressed by the aggressive treatment given to me for my heel pain; 100% better within one month.  Thank you Dr. Teichman.  P.S. The staff was great too.”

- Linda


“I was diagnosed with nail fungus 2 years ago.  I got 4 laser treatments and used antifungal solution and shoe sanitizer.  I had a lot of pain in my toes from it and couldn’t even stand the bed sheets on my toes.  Now, I’m pain free and very thankful to Dr. Teichman.”

- Rebecca Roe


“Dr. Teichman did an excellent job.  I had burning in my feet and pain in my heels.  I couldn’t walk and I felt like quitting my job.  He gave me injections and orthotics and now I have no pain.  I’m 100% better!”

- Mary Guzy


“I had plantar fasciitis.  Dr. Teichman sent me for physical therapy at Robbins Rehab.  It was a miracle!!  I had no more pain.  If I feel like I have a problem I just use my boot.  I don’t know what kind of problems I may have had if I didn’t meet Dr. Teichman.  He really helped.  I worked at a cafeteria with cement floor but since I got the boot and physical therapy it’s been great!!.”

- Audrey Ohl


“I am totally happy and pleased with the outcome of this.  I highly recommend Dr. Teichman if you have anything wrong with your feet.  This is the place to come.”

- Phyllis Clum


“I’ve been suffering with Peripheral Neuropathy for over 15 years. Before coming to see Dr. Teichman, I could barely walk a block from the pain in my legs and feet. After  treatments with MicroVas, I now walk all day with limited discomfort… a huge improvement… Looking forward to getting my active life back.”

- Quentin Kramer – Allentown


“Thanks to Dr Teichman and staff, now 5 weeks post surgery and all is improved. Wish I would have had my surgery sooner. The post surgery care and concern was wonderful.”

- Howard S.


“Three doctors gave me an opinion to amputate my leg above the knee. I almost gave into these opinions, when a friend of mine heard Bobby Gunther Walsh talking about Dr. Teichman on his radio show we contacted him. I called and made an appointment for one last opinion. Dr. Teichman was confident that he could save my leg. After reconstruction of my foot with surgery, I was able to walk after 2 months. I would highly recommend Dr. Teichman to anyone that has a foot problem and please use him as your first choice. Dr. Teichman saved my life!”

-Patrick H.


“Dr. Teichman is the best podiatrist. He’s not only the best for the feet, but he has a great personality and puts a person at ease. I recommend him to anyone.”

-Jean F.


“Stabbing and shooting pains have diminished. Also, cramps in foot and leg have improved”.

-Louise Nederostek


“When I came to Dr. Teichman I was experiencing such horrible heel pain it was difficult to do day-to-day activities. The thought of taking a walk was out of the question. Now, after one visit with Dr. Teichman, I am pain free and I have my life back. Thank you, Dr. Teichman, for prescribing the best personal treatment for my heel issue”.

-Gloria Guth


“My feet are in the best shape ever, thanks to Dr. Teichman at East Penn Foot & Ankle and his extremely qualified staff; also very friendly and beautiful”

-Raymond Buckno


“I had a lot of pain. I couldn’t walk or bend my toes, then I came to see Dr. Teichman and he recommended surgery and I haven’t had pain since. He did a very good job”.

-Carol Kern


“I’ve had painful arches for many years and the heels of my shoes were wearing much faster than they used to. Dr. Teichman fitted me with custom orthotics. The results were instantaneous. I can now walk much further and stand for much longer periods without pain, thanks to Dr. Teichman.”

-Peter Patterson


“Prior to coming to Dr. Teichman, I would walk an hour and then after I would have excruciating pain in my toe.  After 3 injections, I am pain free after walking. I would recommend Dr. Teichman highly after having very good results after the treatments. Also, may I add that the medical staff here are very good and concerned about their job”.

-Art Guerrieri


“Dr. Teichman is really nice and gentle, and he does a great job. I had an ingrown toenail and he was great.”

A.S., 12 yo


“Dr. Teichman helped me tremendously. I would not be able to keep up with my grandchildren without him. I am just sorry I did not see him sooner.”



“Dr. Teichman is great. I came in with heel pain, 2 visits later, no pain! Fantastic staff!”

D.T., 59 yo


“Instantaneous improvement. I can walk greater distances with little pain and standing is much easier. Thank you, Dr. Teichman.”



“Dr. Teichman has been treating me for about 1 year and has been very successful in alleviating my foot pain. I can now walk over 10 miles a day. Pain free.”



“I am pleased with the end result of my bunion surgery. Great job, I love my foot!”



“I had terrible numbness and tingling in my feet before I saw Dr. Teichman. Now you can take a pen and plick my feet and now I can feel it. I couldn’t feel before MicroVas helped me!! I am glad I decided to see Dr.Teichman for this treatment.”

Thomas G.


“Before ESWT I was in pain all the time and my entire way of living was totally changed! After ESWT and by following the recommendations of heat application and stretching and always wearing proper footwear…..I am 100% pain free!… I hope to train for my first post ESWT race and participate in a ½ marathon in the spring of 2012. Without the ESWT  I know my running days would have been over! Thank you getting me back to running.”

Barbara W.


“Dr. Adam Teichman is the very best Podiatrist in the Lehigh Valley; he knows how to make each day more valuable to you!

“In 2007, I was suffering from severe pain in my left ankle. There were so many times I needed to ice hours on end just to keep the swelling down. I had surgery on my ankle the previous summer by a surgeon in the Lehigh Valley but my ankle did not get any better, it was actually worse than before surgery. I was told by the surgeon to just work through the pain and take pain medication, which would just mask the pain. At this point my surgeon was recommending me to other surgeons in the area because there was nothing more he could have done for me. As you could imagine this made me very frustrated… I thought there was no help in the area until I talked to Robbins Rehabilitation who suggested that I should have my ankle evaluated by Dr. Teichman.

“Dr. Teichman explained my treatment options to me and suggested we try a non-surgical route first and then if that failed we should talk about surgery. Dr. Teichman assured my wife and I that everything would be ok, and not to worry and he would try his hardest to make me pain free without medication. We worked together on this for about two months. Things started progressing in the right direction. I was feeling good; however, not 100%. I asked Dr. Teichman about the different alternatives for my ankle problem and I brought up surgery again. When discussing my options, Dr. Teichman stated he was able to perform a state of the art procedure that was going to eliminate my pain and only keep me out of work for a very short period of time. After discussing this with my wife, we were very confident that Dr.Teichman would be able to help and surgery was the right option.

“Now two years later I am PAIN FREE and back to an active lifestyle. I would definitely recommend Dr. Teichman.”



“Dear Dr. Teichman,

I am overjoyed that I went through with the surgery on my foot. Now I will not fall when I run for no reason. I hated not being able to move my body like I was supposed to. Thank you for your help.

P.S. You are funny!”

C.R. 9 yo female


I suffered from chronic heel pain for years and saw many doctors without relief. I was then referred to Dr. Teichman who recommended shockwave therapy to alleviate my heel pain. I was very skeptical but it is now 3 months later and I am walking pain free and have resumed an active lifestyle. This is the first time in years I can walk without pain. It’s great to walk again.

I would like to thank Dr, Teichman and his staff for their help and would recommend them highly.”

D.A ‘2009


“Today, I left Dr. Teichman’s office skipping out the door. No more heel pain!! For the past couple of years, I have been unable to wear a sneaker. I own a child care center in New Jersey and it has been very difficult for me to run and play with the children. Two months ago I was tired of this constant pain in my heel, so I found your very encouraging ad in the yellow pages. I called your office and was greeted by a warm and caring voice. She took my name and gave me an appointment to see you. When I entered your office I felt a nice and calm atmosphere. Your receptionist welcomed me and said the doctor will see you shortly. This was important to me because this was my first visit and I was a little nervous. She made me feel very comfortable. I will always remember the facial expression on Dr. Teichman’s face when he entered the room. WOW What a genuine smile. I thought to myself this guy must love what he is doing. You’d have to love your job to be looking at all those crazy, wacky feet and toes all day.

Dr. Teichman you are the best. You took the pain away. You are a true professional. I would highly recommend your office in Easton, PA to anyone with a foot problem. In closing, I want to personally thank you and your staff for being so kind and caring about your patients. I truly appreciate your expertise in fixing my ailing foot. I admire your dedication to your profession. It was a pleasure going to your office and I can’t wait to see you again in 6 months.”

Your thankful patient LC


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